Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Wow! Ranks Swelling to Several Hundred at Labor/Act Up/ Occupy S17 Solidarity Demonstration

We arrived after a long walk the barefoot guy in white to the UN, which is opening today. I was heartened to see several hundred people already gathered, a coalition of labor, including many nurses, Act Up AIDS activists and Occupy, demonstrating for a Robin Hood Tax on financial transactions (this would be a tax on Wall St.) We marched, chanted and sang all the way back to Bryant Park. What a difference from last year---The police are all over, some with zip ties on their belts, but I didn't see any arrests. They just seemed to be directing traffic along the way. Even went out in the street at times. A guy grabbed me to help hold the Act Up Fight AIDS banner for awhile, so I marched with them most of the way. I think there are are about 500 to 700 people now and everybody is here listening to Sweet Honey in the Rock. In addition to no police interference there have been amplifiers. Yet Zucotti park is still barricaded off like a fort. Can't get pictures to upload, so will head back to the hostel and work on it. There is a GA tonight, but won't go. It's been a great day.

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