Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Photos, Occupy Wall Street, S17 Afternoon Actions

Back at the hostel, where I can look through the photos and try to find some that aren't blurry. Below: Emperor Pipeline arrives at Wall Street; It's really hard to photograph a crowd when you're in it; These mounted police were necessary to keep us from going up the steps again, apparently; It wouldn't be Occupy without chalk; A nicely stitched sign forced these women to pose for interminable photos; Both comedian Lee Camp AND film maker Dennis Trainor Jr. ("American Autumn", Acronym TV) in the same picture. Amazingly they look just like they do on video. Guess they don't wear any makeup. I have to admit, I was starstruck; The Robin Hood Tax banner. This is what you get when you have union money, along with pre-printed signs and matching T-shirts. Frankly I like Occupy's love of cardboard, markers and chalk, but that's just me; A couple of pictures of the the second demonstration, at 5 PM as people getting out of work were able to join; Entering Bryant Park; Sweet Honey in the Rock, with amplifiers. Somebody had a permit.

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