Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Taking a Break at Bryant Park, between S17 Actions at occupy Wall Street

Well, let's see. It's been along afternoon. I left Zucotti Park looking for the subway to catch up with folks at Times Square, but ended up running into the march and had a great time with hordes of people, signs and music walking up Broadway. (OK, there were about 200). We made a lot of noise.

We ended up at Washington Square at a planned rally with speakers about the TPP. I'll have a lot to say about this later. It's serious. But the fun part was getting to hold the banners for B and P while they did their show.

Things got a little vague at this point, but a guy with bare feet dressed all in white said we could follow him to Times Square for the next TPP event via the subway. So some of us did. A couple from New York, a lady from New Jersey, and a guy from Boston.  At Times Square we found the event was over. What a disappointment. But there not only did Iget to see Lee Camp, we ended up walking around New York with him, following the guy with the bare feet. Along the way we picked up Dennis Trainor Jr, who made the movie "American Autumn". So now I find myself sitting in a park with the guy with bare feet, Lee Camp, Dennis Trainor and a growing crowd of others. This has been a little surreal for a middle-aged lady from Vermont.More later.

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