Tuesday, September 17, 2013

S17 Wall Street

There's something ironic about using a Burger King send info about an anti-corporate  event.

One thing about Occupiers---apparently we're not early risers. I arrived promptly at 8 Am and found a group of about 20 very cold activists. Soon the bagels and cream cheese arrived. And then more activists. Within the hour the number increased to about 100, there are many more now that we have gotten back to Zucotti park from a visit to Wall  Street. It was NOT blocked off this year, allowing us to make a human gong to counter, and drown out the opening bell at the stock exchange, from the steps of...not sure what huge building it was but there was a massive statue.

NYPD get up early in the morning. In fact there are about ten of them for every protester. Many walked along side of us on the street. Some of the light blue shirted ones walked with us, a few engaged in conversation with marchers. I keep a sharp eye on the ones in the white shirts.

Some of our own Vermont Band P folks are here. Events are planned for all day.
Oh, Oh---The park appears to have emptied out. Better go see what's going on.

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