Sunday, October 13, 2013

New Activist Center Opens in Barre

   We were pleased to see that the street we turned down to get to Barre's new activist center, located on Orange Street, is called "Freedom Way". We think the new activist center will indeed give people in the Barre-Montpelier area more freedom to speak about the issues that concern them.
   Under a nicely lettered sign that says WE ALL LIVE DOWNSTREAM, and marked by a friendly quilted "99 %" lawn sign, the cozy white house seems to say ""Everybody welcome here." The message is borne out when you enter the door and find a spacious  area with comfortable furniture, the coffee pot on and a wide selection of books and pamphlets. WiFi is also available. A board in the open kitchen space displays all the Occucards currently out.   If you don't know about these, they are colorfully printed postcard-size informational material on "Why we occupy: exposing and opposing the corporate state" and are helpful in explaining some rather complicated issues and how they negatively impact average Americans.
   Crystal Zevon, who is graciously maintaining this space, explained that the center will host a variety of events including free meals and movies and will be a place where neighbors and activists can meet and discuss issues. There is also space for overnight guests and the option for people who may want to stay in the area to rent a room  for a longer period.
   Guests at the open house enjoyed some great home-cooked food and pleasant conversation. We're glad we made the drive down there all the way from the Northeast Kingdom!

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