Sunday, October 20, 2013

NEK 99% Winter Projects

   Nek 99% folks met today to talk about winter projects, including the next Tasting Party, the winter film series and a focus on encouraging dialog among local residents about issues of importance to them, with the goal of generating solutions.
  • The downtown Newport neighborhood will be invited to a Tasting Party at The 99 on October 30 starting at 3 PM. We are getting some great organic, locally produced winter vegetables and will be cooking up one or two recipes to sample along with some cider and Halloween (healthy) treat bags for the kids that will include community building messages. Look for posters up in Newport and notices in neighbors' doors.
  • The 99 will be showing free documentary films weekly on Thursdays at 6 PM on a variety of topics, beginning January 2 with  a series entitled "MONEY". Why doesn't there seem to be enough of it to go around? How did our monetary system get in such a mess? Who's really running it?  What IS money, anyway? 
  • Look for us in downtown Newport at  the Fish (and possibly at other locations around the Kingdom) interviewing people on the street on camera about how Federal budget cutbacks have affected them. Do you have a story to tell? Let us get it on video.
  • Look for us using art and theater (at various locations not disclosed in advance!)  to engage people's attention about vital local issues like rights of workers, housing rights and disability rights. Then join us for a discussion of a featured issue where you can target problems and be part of the solution.
  • Free classes will continue at The 99, beginning with "Watercolors" taught by NEK artist Mary Brenner on Saturday, November 9 from 1-4 PM. Jack Rogers will be teaching an advance block printing class and we will again be offering  internet classes this time geared to specific levels of computer expertise, as we found this varies quite a bit.
  • We have begun a discussion about setting up community WiFi to improve access to the internet for low income people. Also, remember that The 99 has free WiFi, and the coffee,tea and snacks are free too!
  • Our next art exhibit, opening around December 1, will be called "Surreal". Artists: Are you a surrealist? Is your art just a little weird? We are looking to hear from you. As always, untrained artists and students are welcome.

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