Wednesday, April 23, 2014

What's This?

   It turns out that Mary Brenner, in addition to being a terrific watercolorist, also has a master's degree in rural economics. This naturally leads to her to be curious about the alphabet soup of organizations who are supposed to be helping places like the NEK improve their lot. Mary, and others of us here, have some concerns:
   These groups are mostly funded by tax dollars at various levels. That means your money, sums in the hundreds of thousands, even millions.  So where is this money going? The people who make these decisions are not elected by you and me. They are appointees. Who are they? Who are they connected to? How do they decide how to spend our money? Where do they spend our money? Are average people in the NEK actually benefiting? Is there waste and duplication of services? Mary has found that getting information about these things is very hard indeed. There is a huge lack of transparency shrouded within a bureaucratic nightmare of organizations. Do you have ideas, or information?  Register your comments here or on Facebook at NEK99%. And stay tuned!

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