Thursday, January 30, 2014

Conversation with Richard

   Richard is a man of the world, having travelled widely pursuing the aurora borealis and solar eclipse. Right now, at 66, he is penniless.
   Of late, Richard has taken to hanging out with various religious congregations who in addition to providing moral and sometimes pecuniary, support have filled his head with rather punitive notions of the nature of humanity.

Richard: So don't you think people are basically selfish and greedy?
Diane: About 20% are pathological wealth accumulators. They have an  addiction. It's like alcoholism or drug addiction. The vast middle are decent people who have learned to seek wealth because the wealth accumulators have it and use it to gain the support of others.
Richard: So where does this addiction come from? Is it genetic or the result of a bad childhood?
Diane: Who knows? Why are people alcoholics? Why do some people have shoe fetishes?
Richard: Is it like pedophiles?
Diane: I have said on Facebook that wealth accumulators are like pedophiles. Pedophiles go where children are. Wealth accumulators go where they can access money. Power and wealth go hand in hand. These addicts seek positions of control where they can access both wealth and power. But this is only about 20% of people.
Richard: 20% is one in five. That's a lot.
Diane: In early egalitarian societies, that leaves 4 out of five to put down the one wealth accumulator. And they did.
Richard: All people are selfish and greedy.
Diane: Not so. The 4 out of 5 in early societies were quick to put down the one wealth accumulator who was trying to scam the system. People lived in close proximity to others. Everybody knew what everybody else was doing. Hoarders just didn't make it.
Richard: So people are apathetic today, self-absorbed.
Diane: The system has gotten too big. People are just short-sighted. They can't grasp the  the whole picture. They don't know what their neighbor is doing. This leaves a vast playing field for the wealth accumulators. People aren't selfish, they are short-sighted. People don't see beyond a few inches from their own bodies, but education helps.
Richard: I disagree. All people are greedy.
Diane: No, all people are taught to see money as the only answer to every problem. This isn't greed, it's lack of creativity.  This is fostered by the wealth accumulators, who teach people that the answer to every problem is to buy something. Thus more wealth is always needed. Unhappy? Buy something. Unloved? Buy something. Confused? Buy something. Often this something is a pill. Or a dress. or a TV. Creative people have multiple solutions to things. Unhappy? Talk to a friend. Unloved? Write a poem. Confused? Go to the internet. Creative people are poor consumers. That's why wealth accumulators don't want  people to be creative. They foster mindlessness.
Richard: I'm sceptical... (but he looks like he might be considering this propostion)... Enter Jean...
Jean: Hope you have that matting stuff still here! I have a great photo to matte up!
Diane: Yeah, Mary left everything here. I'll set up a table for you. Richard and I were just solving all the problems of society, but I think we have it pretty much resolved.
Richard: Well I guess I'll be going. See ya later.
Diane; Bye, Richard.

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