Thursday, December 26, 2013

Winter Movie Series at The 99

Four documentaries about money exploring our monetary system from varying ideological perspectives will be presented through the month of January at The 99 Gallery and Center in Newport. "Money as Debt II" is the second in the widely popular animated series by Canadian artist Paul Grignon. Grignon's homey narrative explains the complex system of money creation through debt and shows how what is essentially a Ponzi scheme can not be sustainable for our planet. "The Money Masters", shown in two parts, is a review of the rise of powerful banking interests in Europe and America. Though some may find the narrative a bit overly didactic, this film definitely provides some eye-opening historical insights. "Fiat Empire" covers the origin and operation of the Federal Reserve, America's central bank, which is currently celebrating its hundredth anniversary. Coming from a politically conservative point of view, the film is critical of both big government and big corporations. Finally, "The Money Fix" offers an ecological and spiritual approach to the problem of money, and asks us to contemplate a system which operates as sustainably as nature itself.
The series will begin Thursday January 2 at 6 PM and continue each Thursday at 6 PM through January at The 99 Gallery and Center, located behind 316 Main Street across from the Family Dollar in downtown Newport. All films are free.

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