Sunday, November 3, 2013

ADVICE TO MILLENNIALS: WEANING OURSELVES OFF CORPORATE CONTROL (It's like caffeine withdrawal. It'll be painful at first, but healthier in the long run.)

Walk out your front door:
• Look to the right. Is there a neighbor who is elderly and on a fixed income or low income? Do they need help with home repair they can no longer do themselves or afford to hire someone to do? Do they need transportation to a doctor’s, a grocery, a friend’s? Are they included in community events? Are they lonely? 
• Look to the left. Is there a neighbor who has suffered a recent set-back: injury, sickness, loss of a job, family disruption, accident, unexpected expenses? Is there a child in a single parent household who needs a mentor, a ride, a winter coat?
• Look to your child’s school. How many children are on free/reduced lunch? Are they still hungry on weekends? Do they have proper clothing? Are they involved in community events? Are they discriminated against? Are there children with learning disabilities who could use some further assistance? Are their volunteer opportunities to read to children, tutor, mentor, support health and sports activities, community organizations (little league, scouts, after-school care)?
• Look at your community. Is there a Habitat for Humanity program? Senior Meals? Scouts? Food bank? Drug rehabilitation? Alcohol counseling? Public transportation? Bike paths and free recreational opportunities? Recycling programs? Environmental programs? A community garden? Get involved in local community service organizations. Help a veteran.
• Look at your home. Can you conserve energy, reduce consumerism, eat more healthily, enjoy the out-of-doors, get off your electronics, expand your family activities?
• Look inward. Can you face up to and change your attitudes towards consumerism, fast food, energy use, and dependence on corporate interference? Can you examine and eliminate your prejudices: religious, racial, class-based?

What you can do:
buy local
buy organic foods
use whole foods; avoid anything in a package or can or freezer shelves
avoid plastic containers and other petroleum based products
recycle, reuse, repair
downsize living 
reduce consumerism (if it is advertised on TV, it is probably not necessary)
share - free swap; sharing economy
participate in local community
conserve energy and carbon based products
make it yourself
question authority
teach and learn

Below: Serving donated food during the occupation of Zuccotti Park, Occupy Wall Street, 2011

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