Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Gallery and Center's First Show, Opening June 9

A bit about the title of the show: We thought it was kind of funny, because many people erroneously assume that Occupy is a left wing political movement, which it isn't. However, it seems to have left some people scratching their heads. We at the NEK 99% are neither left nor right and we don't support any party or candidates. Like a lot of people today, we think the political process is seriously compromised. So here we have used "politically incorrect" in its original meaning of "not following the party line". At the national level, a retreat to hard-line party positions has brought the government to near-stand-still. At the community level, which is the focus of Occupy, people need to be able to cooperate with neighbors who may not share all or even any of their own party line in order to make significant changes which improve quality of life for all citizens. Occupy is about educating people to the social and environmental problems we face and asking them to seek new and creative solutions. So drop your party line at the door and come talk with your neighbors about what's not right and how we can ALL work together to fix it.

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