Monday, January 7, 2013

Upcoming events:

We have a Movie series that will be held at the VT community college in Newport VT.

February 7: "Cousin Bobby", Johnathan Demme's file about his cousin the Rev. Robert Castle, fiery Episcopal priest in Harlem, civil rights activist and NEK resident. Bob Castly died in October 2012. The series is dedicated to him.

February 14: "Windfall", award-winning documentary about what happened when the residents of Meredith NY realized the impact of industrial wind turbines on their community.

February 21: "The Power of Community", winner of 11 film awards, the amazing story of how Cubans survived the loss of their fossil fuel based agricultural system.

February 28: "Strength of the Storm", a Vermont Workers Center film about courageous Vermonters who became activists in the wake of Hurrican Irene.

March 7: "American Autumn" by New England film maker Dennis Trainor documents the birth of the Occupy Movement as he experienced it.

March 14: "Prisons for Profit" a PBS short file raises questions about the for profit prison industry, a must see as we deal locally with incarceration issues.

March 21: "Newport, the Last Frontier" by local amatuer film maker Real Lanou documents the destruction and rebuilding of a large section of Newport in 1996, prompting questions about whther real change has ensued.

March 28: "Money as Debt" an entertaining animated documentary about how our monetary system got where it is today. Offers no easy answers and asks us how we can become involved for change.

(Thursdays at 6pm)

Conference Room
Second Floor
Hebard Building
100 Main Street
Newport, VT

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